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Feedback from Ukulele Yes! Readers


As a life learner of ukulele, I'd be really interested to see some of the material for uke in the classroom... to possibly order for myself. Is there some way to sample content or is there a website I can go to that gives a good description of the material of each lesson?


Virgina Oman
Arizona, U.S.A.

Glad you asked, Virginia. Yes, you'll find all that and more at -- Ed.


First of all I knew Chalmers quite well as a teacher in Ontario, as a student at Mount Allison, and as a partner at Boodington Music in Toronto. I now own a music store in Winston-Salem NC that works energetically in the school system here, carries a full line of Kala Ukuleles and is looking for a method to try to put the whole thing together. Great to know that Chalmers' hard work is still available to a new generation of kids. [We] are going to put together something here to get it rolling in North Carolina.

Drew Parker
North Carolina, U.S.A.

Hi James,

Jennifer and I were part of a group of Newfoundland kids who flew over to Halifax to attend Mr. Doane's uke workshop in 1978.  We were 12... the good old days!!  Did Mr. Doane teach you his instrumental piece, "Sand Bars"? It's a favourite of mine.

Thanks and take care!

Vickie Candow
Ontario, Canada

Hi James,

I attended your workshop on Thursday 27th March at the University of Auckland. Many thanks to you, Maira Winder and Kevin Fogarty. I was intrigued by your approach to the whole class tuition of Ukulele. I have always worked from basic 3 chord playing back to solo string work and have been teaching ukulele on and off since 1968. Your teaching methods you displayed are spot on for pupil interest, motivation and involvement.

Well done!

Sven Hailstorm
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear James,

Congrats on the production of your first ukulele book. I'm really looking forward to using your ideas and music in my lessons. I will be ordering my own personal copies of each of the books and teacher resources. Please keep me up to date on workshops etc. that you plan to present. Also, please give my best to Chalmers.

Wendy Galvin
British Columbia, Canada

...I got the [Ukulele in the Classroom Book 1] CD now so I can play along with you. I have played through the first unit and I'm very happy to say it works fantastic. I have learned all the notes--their names and how to play them--and I have also deside to do it properly: both first and second uke together (and not go to the next page before I can play and understand everyting). I have not practiced 15 minutes every day, but at least 5 times every week and 1 or 2 times a week for more than 1 hour.

Pelle Matson
Göteborg, Sweden

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